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“This book is about my life facing up to mental health issues that took me completely by surprise. I couldn’t understand where they came from, or why they hit me. As it got worse and worse, it felt like it took complete control of my mind – which is really a horrible and scary situation to be in. My life changed drastically, and if I hadn’t done something about it, I would not be in a position to write this book. But I did do something, and if you’re struggling, you can too…”

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Frank (Amazon)
27th June 2023
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Inspirational and thought provoking - excellent read for younger people.

I didn't know what to expect when I started this book, but I'm extremely glad I did. The author is described by himself as a fairly outgoing, confident chap who at first glance would not be your stereotypical candidate to suffer from mental health issues. But suffer he did, detailing his journey within these pages, giving an honest account of the various different methods he tried to help him through it recommending what worked well for him and what didn't in his efforts to beat what he describes as his silent assassin. Younger people in particular will be able to emphasise with the author, my 16 year old daughter finding him relatable and easy to understand. Excellent read!
June 2023
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It is really an eye opener for everyone, it gives depth understanding about mental health issues, and how to deal with symptoms or effects associated with mental health problems such as anxiety, overthinking, panic attack, and the dos and don’ts. This self-help book is such a huge help to those who might be suffering with mental health issues but are not aware of the ordeal they’re currently dealing with. Like what they say, it takes one to know, by sharing your experiences, it inspires people to look out for themselves, and never hesitate to seek for help.

This book taught me that each one of us hides behind a mask when facing the world. You might be smiling, but deep inside you’re dying. No matter how tough, sweet, jolly, or such a happy-go-luck a person is, you’ll never know what’s going inside their mind.

But besides mental health issues, people can learn so much about life in general, as well. It talks about the truths of life. #RealTalk

Being positive, stop impressing anyone, other’s opinion doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, the only person you want to be happy is yourself. Problems are inevitable, but always remember it is just a bad day, not a bad life. Life is tough and so are you. Mind over matter always, in all always.

The book will make you say, “That’s absolutely right!” “How accurate!” “That’s why. Now, I know.” “This is so relatable.”

With or without mental health issues, this book would surely interest everyone.

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